Unisys Clients - Volkskreditbank AG

Offering the market’s best combination of personal and digital banking

The Business Challenge

Provide universal banking services to customers throughout the region of Upper Austria.

The Solution

Application Modernization Services, including systems integration, infrastructure and data management services to jointly develop with the bank VKB Cockpit - a completely new solution involving integration of existing modules.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced service to customers by equipping service representatives with information from various systems and enabling better collaboration and communication in the service team
  • Improved ability to drive innovation in customer service
  • Achieved cost efficiencies and flexibility via data integration and streamlined processes
  • Gained operational efficiency to more effectively and securely serve customers and meet regulatory and reporting requirements


Unisys has been a great partner in leveraging what was created and developed over the past several years. They have enabled us to take customer service to a whole new level by combining personal touch with secure, digital banking.”

Mag. Christoph Wurm

Chief Executive, Volkskreditbank AG