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The Business Challenge

Build high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most digitally demanding businesses and governments on Earth.

The Solution

Unisys Stealth® with unique microsegmentation capability to provide an additional security layer around all core applications; Cloud and Infrastructure Services; Advanced Analytics; and Digital Workplace Services.

Results and Benefits

  • Moved from an infrastructure of ~250 application servers running on premise to a hybrid cloud model and achieved a flexible, cost-effective, secure intranet without requiring a VPN connection to seamlessly secure cloud and on-premise servers from malware and security compromises
  • Avoided capital and operating expense associated with procuring, building, and maintaining additional network infrastructure
  • Accelerated cross-company collaboration and increased associate productivity through next gen software-defined security services
  • Ensured Unisys U.S. Federal servers are not visible on the internal network except to explicitly defined Communities of Interest as per the NIST Zero-Trust security model, and maintained FISMA compliance while enabling strict need-to-know access to U.S. Federal data


Through our own digital transformation journey, we have realized the benefits of moving an infrastructure of ~250 application servers running on premise to a flexible cloud-based model. Unisys Stealth is the core security foundation that protects our systems and data from threats and unauthorized access. The result is a more cost-effective, collaborative, real-time secure digital environment that improves face of our company to the market.”

Upinder Phanda

CIO, Unisys


Unisys' Secure Digital Transformation

Unisys completed year two of its Secure Digital Transformation journey. We moved from an infrastructure of ~300 on premise applications to 100% core applications in the cloud and implemented new digital technologies to create a superior associate experience for attracting and retaining talent, all while reducing IT spend year over year by 14%. The results are a flexible cloud-based model to adapt in hours versus months to changing business demands, associates armed with the latest technologies to be most effective in their role, and more IT resources focused on delivering innovations to improve business performance versus running IT.



Secure Digital Transformation Propels Unisys into CIO 100 for Second Consecutive Year

Unisys announced that the company's secure digital transformation of its business and IT operations has earned it a 2019 CIO 100 award from leading IT media outlet CIO. This is the second consecutive year in which Unisys' ongoing transformation has won CIO 100 recognition. In announcing their selections, CIO's editors noted that Unisys and other honorees "exemplify what it means to deliver business value through the innovative use of technology. This elite group is creating competitive advantage in their organizations, improving business processes, enabling growth and improving relationships with customers."

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