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Enhancing people’s lives through secure, reliable advanced technology

The Business Challenge

Build high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most digitally demanding businesses and governments on Earth.

The Solution

Unisys Stealth® with unique microsegmentation capability to provide an additional security layer around all core applications; Infrastructure Transformation including Cloud Computing; Advanced Analytics; and Digital Workplace Services.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved a flexible, cost-effective, secure network to meet on-going data and server isolation and security requirements while swiftly and confidently moving from an infrastructure of ~250 applications running on premise to a flexible cloud model
  • Avoided capital and operating expense associated with procuring, building, and maintaining additional network infrastructure
  • Accelerated cross-company collaboration and increased associate productivity through next gen software-defined security services
  • Ensured Unisys U.S. Federal servers are not visible on the internal network except to explicitly defined Communities of Interest as per the NIST Zero-Trust security model, and maintained FISMA compliance while enabling strict need-to-know access to U.S. Federal data


Through our own digital transformation journey, we have realized the benefits of moving an infrastructure of ~250 applications running on premise to a flexible cloud-based model. Unisys Stealth is the core security foundation that protects our systems and data from threats and unauthorized access. The result is a more cost-effective, collaborative, real-time secure digital environment that improves face of our company to the market.”

Upinder Phanda

CIO, Unisys