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Modernizing citizen services

Empowering a government agency to serve citizens in the cloud 


  • Deliver accessible, efficient and high-quality services to citizens while optimizing costs 
  • Migrate aging infrastructure to a modern cloud platform to support compliance and scalability 


Results and benefits: 

  • Completed the client’s IT migration strategy, transitioning from legacy data centers to Azure cloud, resulting in significant cost savings, simplified operations and modernized IT platforms 
  • Centralized IT operations, replaced outdated technology platforms and modernized applications to achieve further cost reductions 
  • Enabled the agency to provide enhanced services to citizens while complying with statutory policy requirements 
  • Exceeded service level agreements (SLAs) by delivering defined standards for availability, service continuity (business continuity and disaster recovery), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance, ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 compliance, service change management and service management reporting to end users 
  • Achieved mandated standards-based security compliance for online registry-related applications and services, helping ensure secure and reliable service delivery 

Enabling digital service delivery for citizens 

When citizens think about the responsibilities of their government agencies, the digital user experience is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. Yet, in today’s modern world, the digital user experience is how citizens connect with some of the most essential government services. 

That means government agencies should prioritize user-friendly systems that transform how they engage with citizens. Enhancing citizens’ digital user experiences is an increasingly important part of government agencies' comprehensive digital transformation goals. They’re realizing these goals by investing in modern and innovative technologies, restructuring operational models to back better service delivery and strengthening focus on secure and cost-effective systems. When they embrace these initiatives, governments can foster an environment that supports innovation and fully harnesses the potential of digital governance for citizens' benefit. 

As government entities increasingly understand the importance of improving the digital experience for citizens, they also recognize the challenges and urgency associated with these transformations. This is vividly illustrated by the case of one specific government agency that maintains a public, online, citizen-facing electronic registry solution. While committed to the same objectives of enhancing digital user engagement and operational efficiency, this agency confronted unique obstacles. Faced with stringent budget limits and regulatory requirements, the agency had to balance maintaining SLAs with the need for cost control.

Legacy applications, services and infrastructure were fast approaching obsolescence across two leased data center locations. To protect operational continuity and continue serving citizens, the agency needed to modernize – and fast. It sought innovative solutions that could optimize technology costs.

Accelerating the agency’s journey to the cloud with Unisys 

The agency, striving to balance fiscal responsibility and meeting citizens’ expectations, began a journey to revitalize its operations and raise its service standards. The agency has a long-standing relationship with Unisys, which includes infrastructure assessment, application and cloud migration, and ongoing managed support services. During this stage of the agency’s digital transformation, Unisys offered a comprehensive solution tailored to the agency's and citizens' needs. This included a smooth migration to a modern cloud computing platform while enabling compliance, cost savings and enhanced service delivery. 

Scaling systems to maximize benefits from the cloud 

Unisys assessed and evaluated the agency’s cloud infrastructure landscape options. This was a critical first step in planning a smooth migration to the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. From there, Unisys backed the migration with ongoing end-to-end support, hosting and enhancement services for the agency’s electronic registry solution. The Unisys team analyzed the cost of hosting the same infrastructure with Azure and compared it to multiple data center leasing, infrastructure renewal and purchasing costs. The final analysis revealing cost savings in the cloud made the choice clear. 

Over the past seven years, the agency, with Unisys’ assistance, has successfully employed Agile project delivery methodologies, taking full advantage of the Azure platform for application modernization projects using Scrum and Kanban techniques. The solution strictly adheres to ISO 27001 and ISO 27018 security standards while meeting annual compliance audits. Additionally, Unisys conducts a yearly SOC 1 Type II audit to evaluate the design and implementation of security controls. Unisys’ relationship with the agency emphasizes incremental and swift delivery of business value, facilitating flexibility through adaptive planning and development practices.

Modernizing and elevating cloud capabilities more securely 

The migration to Azure enabled the agency to achieve cost savings, simplify operations and modernize its technology platforms. By replacing outdated technology platforms, the agency enhanced service delivery to citizens, achieved further cost reductions and maintained compliance with statutory policy requirements. 

As a result, the agency: 

  • Enhanced citizen services while staying compliant with statutory policy requirements 
  • Exceeded SLAs by delivering defined standards for availability, service continuity (business continuity and disaster recovery), PCI DSS compliance, service change management and service management reporting to stakeholders 
  • Achieved mandated standards-based security compliance for online registry-related applications and services, ensuring secure and reliable service delivery 

To explore how Unisys can help you modernize and elevate your cloud capabilities securely, visit us online or contact us today.