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Enabling zero-defect releases with agile quality assurance and testing

Enabling zero-defect releases with agile quality assurance and testing

About the company

A leading live streaming and enterprise video content management platform provider.


The company provides a solution for enterprises to engage audiences with live and on-demand video and manage video content across platforms. The offering was architected from the ground up as a cloud-native video solution. It has around 5 million subscribers across the globe. Delivering a superior experience and uninterrupted access to every feature was a top priority for the company in a segment that was becoming extremely competitive.

The company’s internal team had shifted to Agile development for the solution. However, testing along with the sprint was increasingly becoming a constraint towards faster and defect-free releases. New features were being released that needed to work flawlessly on every platform, device and region worldwide. With the lack of test automation, there were delays in releasing critical features, which impacted customer satisfaction and revenue.

What we did

  • Defined and implemented a Quality Assurance (QA) process
  • Created and implemented a user interface (UI) and application programming interface (API) automation framework
  • Managed end-to-end testing
  • Laid out the roadmap for Agile testing methodology
  • Provided end-to-end test automation suite


The company chose Unisys to help streamline testing, introduce automation and manage the testing process for platform updates:

  • Our team of experts in Agile delivery and testing evaluated the solution for content capture, transformation and delivery processes across every device and region; the team identified bottlenecks, defect leakage and inefficiencies in the current testing approach
  • Created and implemented an agile testing approach
  • Defined and implemented a zero-defect QA framework to help ensure defect-free releases and implemented testing and QA automation
  • Technologies used:
    • Automation platform – Amazon Web Services
    • Browser stack for compatibility testing
    • Jersey for microservice testing
    • Java, SignalR, Page Object Model, Singleton, MongoDB, data generators, SoapUI and Groovy
  • Deployed a dedicated global testing team for round-the-clock testing and QA responsible for the creation of UI and API test cases

The testing team helped ensure all features worked flawlessly, with minimal latency such that the build was always in a production-ready environment.

Result and outcomes

A defect-free release framework, test automation and process managed by the Unisys team delivered the following outcomes and benefits:


leakage to production


reduction in manual testing efforts


million enterprise subscribers

Business benefits

  • Highest uptime delivered, with showstopper or critical bugs identified early in the process
  • Substantial reduction in testing efforts
  • High customer satisfaction through superior and consistent experience and zero-defect releases
  • Competitive advantage with faster releases of innovative and engaging features
  • More coverage with fewer tests
  • Automation leading to higher efficiency – tasks that used to take more than 8 hours are now completed in 30 minutes or less
  • Cost-effective resource management due to minimal manual intervention