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EMEA-based natural gas corporation

How intelligent investment management drove global utility’s success


  • Centralize budget management process
  • Consolidate global processes covering strategy, expenditures, investments and operations
  • Transform SAP processes as part of digital transformation efforts to allow for more flexibility and transparency
  • Better manage high quantity and frequency of investments and divestments and integrate with other processes
  • Manage initiatives and strategy — extension to operational excellence management


  • Deployed the Integrated Portfolio and Investment Management (IPIM) solution from Unisys, which helps companies manage expenditures and operational actions in one platform throughout the entire investment management process


  • Enhanced traceability and visibility of investments, especially in renewable energy, through robust, modern dashboards and predictive analytics
  • Quick wins with SAP S/4HANA migration
  • Standardized global processes that align with organizational goals
  • Fully integrated, singular platform to allow for one source of truth
  • Real-time monitoring of investments, providing increased investment transparency and allowing faster and more-effective decision-making
  • Agility and reliability in the budget centralization process
  • Reduced risk due to no need for interdependencies or additional technology

Creating value through energy transition

As companies worldwide seek to be more innovative and adaptable, they need globally aligned processes that cover strategy, expenditures, investments and operations. One such global organization, an EMEA-based natural gas corporation with a broad presence in the LATAM region, sought a way to better manage investments during its shift to renewable energy sources. The company generates, distributes and markets energy and energy-related services; has an annual turnover of over €20 billion; and employs more than 10,000 people globally.

Driving growth and sustainability

With pressing industry concerns around energy deregulation causing a large-scale disruption in the energy sector because of the entry of new players, the utility was seeking a technology partner to make a change. The company needed to digitize and modernize its legacy systems to keep pace with industry changes, requiring greater agility and flexibility than its former systems were able to handle.

The organization is transforming its current business models and laying the foundation to continue creating value by prioritizing three key areas. First, it is focusing on renewable energy sources. Second, it is developing renewable gas, backed by its leading position in the conventional natural gas market. Finally, the organization is dedicating resources to boosting energy efficiency and implementing a circular economy, in which businesses run on a cyclical production model of sharing and reusing resources as much as possible.

To accomplish these goals, the company needed an accurate, real-time view of its investment data to efficiently deliver the clean energy its customers demanded. With traditional legacy systems, the utility could not properly leverage innovations that boost transparency and reliability.

Maximizing efficiency and transparency by using an intelligent, cloud-based solution

To support its transformation, the utility selected the IPIM solution from Unisys. Built to integrate with SAP S/4HANA, IPIM enables the utility to simulate different business models based on real-time insights, and it provides full traceability to enhance transparency and speed up effective decision-making.

With IPIM, the company could easily integrate the system with its existing landscape of SAP solutions landscape. The solution is based on standard SAP modules (SAP S/4HANA, SAP Portfolio and Project Management, and SAP Analytics Cloud). It provides comprehensive process knowledge and uses Unisys IP (technical and functional accelerators) to enhance functionalities. It covers the entire business process — from strategic planning to forecast simulation, with Unisys-developed out-of-the-box functionalities.

Streamlining global processes by using robust analytics and monitoring functionalities

By partnering with Unisys, the utility fueled profitable operations that protect people, businesses and the environment while reducing operational risk and improving its bottom line. With enhanced visibility into long-term investments, the company easily pivoted to meet changing supply and demand while effectively planning, scheduling, executing and refining its natural gas and electricity generation operations and asset maintenance.

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