Unisys Clients - ING

Sustaining the critical banking platform through virtualization on ING’s private cloud

The Business Challenge

Maintain market leadership by providing an enriched suite of banking services for private customers, businesses and institutional customers throughout Europe.

The Solution

Unisys cloud-based ClearPath Forward® software for transaction-intensive, business-critical applications – including payment services.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved ability to drive innovation in customer service
  • Gained the world’s most secure software environment with speed and agility of the cloud environment




I am very enthusiastic to take a proven solution, the Unisys MCP software, into the new world of virtual machines and private cloud solutions of ING. This opens the perspective of better managing applications of legacy, while keeping a proven framework for running a bank. As we want to be a great digital bank with personalized service, keeping our system of records in top shape is essential. Equally, moving to new scalable digital private cloud solutions is critical.”

Rob Manders