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Improving passenger experience at a fast growing Asia-Pacific airport

The Business Challenge

Provide real-time flight information and reliable baggage service at a new greenfield airport designed to meet demands of surging passenger travel in Asia, and transition operations from the old airport to the new one with minimal impact on business.

The Solution

Unisys deployed a central integrated information management system to provide advanced operations systems and services, which facilitates coordinated future planning, manages daily operations and centralizes its accounting and reporting functions; system is designed for 24x7 operations and 99.5 availability by incorporating features such as automatic failover to a back-up system, resilient network and resilient disk configurations.

Results and Benefits

  • Increased airport capacity and met its target of managing 50+ million passengers and freight handling capacity of 1.1 million tons annually, and apron space to accommodate 66 aircraft
  • Ensured on-time flight departures and improved customer satisfaction via realtime flight information updates for passengers and employees (unlike old systems where updates were distributed by 2-3 minutes), and proactive alerts if certain tasks are behind schedule and likely to impact flight timings
  • Reduced operating expenses by effective integration of the Building Management system with the Flight Information system; this enabled the airport to minimize power consumption for air conditioning and lighting across sections of the airport during off-peak hours