Unisys Clients - Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Providing enhanced citizen safety via 100% available alarm monitoring system

The Business Challenge

React to first-responder rescue emergencies as quickly as possible by ensuring availability of the main life-critical message handling system, while reducing costs.

The Solution

Unisys Application Services to develop and implement an IP-based Signal Transport System Message Handling System (STSMHS) deployed across a distributed operations environment, system testing and staff training/workshops, and 24/7 support and maintenance of application software and hardware platforms.

Results and Benefits

  • Improved fire alarm response standards with the ability to manage ~40,000 message transactions per day in real time
  • Managed huge spikes in fire-related and alarm error messages with no loss of performance as evidenced during the Christchurch 6.3 magnitude earthquake of 2011
  • Achieved the ability to better prioritize multiple events, improve understanding of emergency situations and check discrepancies with local and regional information via regional polling reports
  • Forced commercial alarm providers to meet stringent government mandated standards to minimize ad hoc alarm alerts
  • Reduced maintenance costs and ensured maximum system availability and resiliency




The STSMHS is an extremely fast, reliable and highly available message transaction system that enables us to respond to fires as quickly as possible to help save citizens. We are now able to meet our response service level requirements and significantly reduce the costs of maintaining a national automatic fire alarm system without affecting our alarm response.”

Stuart Waring

ICT Manager – Data and Intelligence
Fire and Emergency New Zealand