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Enabling safe and efficient travel for air passengers throughout Europe and Latin America

Business challenge

ENAIRE: Provide safe, quality, efficient and environment-friendly air navigation services and contribute to the development of air transport (ENAIRE holds 51% of the capital of AENA S.A.).

AENA: Maintain status as the world’s number one airport operator, managing 46 airports and two heliports of public interest in Spain and 16 airports in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Jamaica and Colombia.


Unisys developed critical applications across security, commercial and operations domains, including an integrated system for airport security, and modernized the flight information display system and the system for analyzing sales and income; other solutions include consulting, design, implementation and networking services, application services and a help desk.

Results and benefits

  • Achieved an easy-to-maintain and standardized security platform for all 60 airports, as well as a consistent procurement policy with a reduced number of providers
  • Grew over the 30-year relationship, with 20+% growth in passenger traffic during the last ten years