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Upgrading Competitiveness Without Disruption to the Consumer

The Business Challenge

Offer high-quality voice communication and multimedia services through VoIP services, without disruption, at a competitive price versus smaller players in the market.

The Solution

Unisys Business Consulting, Application Development, Modernization and Support Services in areas of mobile computing, cloud computing and security to upgrade Network Interface with SIP Signaling Server and VoIP media cards, capable of leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) technology without disrupting the installed base of 5+ million fixed line customers.

Results and Benefits

  • No disruption to customers during network transition
  • Lowered operating expense by 75% while maintaining service levels and customer satisfaction
  • Improved time to market for new capabilities and better flexibility to add new services


Unisys understood our business objectives and maximized our investments in the IP network. There was no impact on our customers or services during the transition to the modernized network. This has opened new technological possibilities for us to offer digital services to our clients, while protecting our investments."

Service Director