Unisys Clients - DSHS

Transforming lives with a broad range of support services for individuals and families

The Business Challenge

Focus resources on more effectively serving citizens where and how they want to interact.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® private cloud hosting along with advisory, automation, platform implementation, disaster recovery and network backup services deployed in an as a service model.

Results and Benefits

  • Gained cost efficiencies in not replacing retirees running the managed service
  • Focused DSHS employees solely on serving citizens
  • Created a scaled model for more efficient use of budgets going forward


In my 20+ years working with Unisys and their ClearPath® systems, I’ve experienced incredible advancements in their technology to always meet our needs. With recent changes in our business model, they are enabling DSHS to embrace digital government and provide superior service to citizens while leaving the management of IT to Unisys.”