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Caixa economica federal

Caixa Econômica Federal

Providing secure, fast, easy access to customers’ financial information

The Business Challenge

Develop stronger relationships with customers at lower cost by offering 30+ services across digital channels, reducing reliance on branches.

The Solution

Unisys Enterprise Computing Solutions, including ClearPath Forward® systems and services; Business Process Solutions, including Application Services to manage, host and integrate the mortgage system with other banking systems and provide simple, direct access for customers via digital channels; infrastructure services; service desk; backup services and web-services as a Service.

Results and Benefits

  • Lowered cost for processing 2.5 million monthly transactions that were previously conducted face-to-face in a branch
  • Achieved closer relationships, greater accessibility and transparency in engaging with customers
  • Gained greater flexibility to execute mortgage programs that support:
    • 8 million loans and mortgage contracts, plus 50,000 new mortgage contracts per month
    • 30,000 pages of general legislation, 900 million payments, 25 million monthly online transactions
  • Eliminated process issues and ensured seamless execution for business operations
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