Unisys Clients - Building a Healthier Society

Providing High Quality Dairy and Medical Nutrition Products in 130+ Countries Enabled by Uninterrupted Security Across a Global Network

The Business Challenge

  • Offer high quality food products to people around the globe as effectively as possible.
  • Protect data, systems and infrastructure from cyber security threats, and enhance visibility of its global networks to support business growth through acquisitions and reorganizations.

The Solution

  • Unisys Managed Security Services to develop a single, combined global view of all network events; building dashboards, correlating real-time events from different tools into a resulting single daily report; performing monthly vulnerability scanning of server infrastructure used by the organization’s 100 plus business units; communicating and following-up on security incidents to client business units.
  • Ongoing implementation and management of security equipment in 40+ countries around the globe.

Results and Benefits

  • Enabled 100,000+ employees to securely access corporate resources
  • Reduced the number of security incidents by 60% and incident labor by 40%
  • Achieved uninterrupted security for more than a decade, without any incidents of cyber attacks
  • Gained focus on business security, since operational security is handled by Unisys