Unisys Clients - Banestes

Delivering excellent service to banking customers in Brazil

The Business Challenge

Provide secure, digital services related to value and securities, insurance, brokerage and retail banking to consumers in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® systems and services including ClearPath Forward ePortal, network security, Dell EMC storage/backup, disaster recovery, and bank automation.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved high-availability of financial services to customers through digitization
  • Improved time to market for new financial services and products
  • Reduced risk to the bank and customers via enhanced infrastructure security across systems and platforms
  • Enhanced employee productivity with faster access to tools and technologies


Unisys understands our business and has provided Banestes with innovative solutions for more than 30 years. The ClearPath Forward platform has evolved with us to ensure that we continually enhance our product offerings. As our digital transformation partner, Unisys is enabling us to provide secure, high-availability services that meet our customers’ expectations.”

Vicente Secchin

Manager of IT Infrastructure