Unisys Clients - Bancolombia

Delivering superior digital banking services to 14+ million customers

The Business Challenge

Maintain market leadership as the largest financial group in Colombia.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® systems and services; Digital Workplace Services, including 3 Tech Cafés each with technology vending machines, a cloud-based omni-channel contact center with Stealth(identity) built-in, service desk supporting ~66,000 monthly IT contacts and ~63,000 monthly business operations/HR/administration contacts, field engineering services to manage ~6,000 monthly incidents, logistics and warehouse services, and support for document processing devices.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced customer experience with new digital banking products and services
  • Increased employee productivity due to continuous uptime
  • Improved security and IT risk management with Stealth(identity) built in help desk and cloud contact center services
  • Reduced support costs


Unisys has provided Bancolombia with innovative solutions for more than four decades. Their services have evolved with us to ensure that we continually enhance our digital banking portfolio to improve the lives of our customers.”

Jorge Ospina

Chief Information Officer
Bancolombia S A