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​CoreLink Chooses Advanced Unisys ClearPath Technology to Modernize Claims Processing Applications

​Software-based fabric architecture and new app-development capability help CoreLink lower costs, improve developer productivity and speed delivery of customer service

BLUE BELL, Pa., October 26, 2015 –- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced that it has received contracts valued at approximately $22 million from CoreLink Administrative Solutions, the provider of healthcare claims processing services for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming, and a longtime Unisys client.

The five-year contracts, signed in the second quarter of 2015, include new Unisys ClearPath systems, software and services to help CoreLink make application development faster and more efficient, improve productivity for the company's 250-plus IT and business professionals, make IT operations more cost-efficient, and speed delivery of new services to CoreLink customers.

Unisys ClearPath MCP Developer Studio, a new software capability in the ClearPath Software Series of products, is key to the modernization initiative because it gives CoreLink an advantage in speed and cost-efficiency of application development. MCP Developer Studio uses the high-speed, software-based fabric architecture and secure partitioning (s‑Par®) software of the two new Unisys ClearPath Libra 6390 systems that CoreLink has acquired.

MCP Developer Studio enables CoreLink to run multiple independent or integrated development and test environments simultaneously, both for new applications and for those the company has developed over time in its existing ClearPath environment.

CoreLink also uses Unisys ClearPath ePortal for MCP along with MCP Developer Studio. The ePortal capability enables CoreLink developers to quickly create mobile- and web-enabled applications, as well as modernize existing applications with contemporary graphical interfaces for easier mobile access. This capability helps CoreLink speed delivery of applications that benefit the company's clients.

CoreLink's two new ClearPath Libra systems are based on Intel processors. One system is for production and the other for disaster recovery. The fabric architecture of each system links all computing resources and components, while the Unisys s-Par software manages all application workloads. Each partition has dedicated processing, memory and input/output resources for each workload, eliminating resource contention and enabling fast, predictable application performance with exceptional security.

Each system includes multiple partitionable nodes, integrated through the fabric architecture, to offload application development from the main ClearPath production environment. This feature – especially in conjunction with the efficiency provided by the MCP Developer Studio – yields more cost-efficient use of production-system computing resources, measured in millions of instructions executed per second (MIPS). The Libra 6390 systems use Unisys metering technology in a pay-for-use business model, so CoreLink can tap additional processing capacity while paying only for the resources used for production, rather than for development.

"The new Unisys ClearPath solutions give us the perfect balance between continuity and innovation," said Aaron Long, vice president, Information Technology, CoreLink Administrative Services. "The advanced software-based capabilities enable us to build on the long-term investment we've made in strategic ClearPath applications while writing new applications more quickly and cost-efficiently, and testing them more thoroughly. Those efficiencies translate into two key benefits to our clients: lower cost of claims processing and faster, more expansive services."

CoreLink is also taking advantage of the EMC® Data Domain® storage solution that Unisys offers for ClearPath systems. The solution enables CoreLink to create virtual tape libraries (VTL) that deduplicate data before it is stored to disk. As a result, CoreLink can reduce its data center footprint, decreasing the space required for data storage by 80 percent while creating cost savings and enhancing security of vital business information.

"We are gratified that CoreLink recognized the business value that advanced ClearPath software technology can deliver for the company and its customers," said Tarek El-Sadany, senior vice president, Technology and chief technology officer, Unisys. "Unisys remains committed to enriching the proven ClearPath software environment so CoreLink and other clients can make their business more efficient and better able to deliver new services that anticipate customers' continually evolving requirements."

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