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Application Modernization

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Application Modernization

Short on time? Here's an overview:

With Unisys, you can modernize safely and securely to start reaping the benefits of performance and cost savings. Transform legacy applications to roll out new features and integration in a matter of days and invest in innovation rather than maintaining the status quo.

Even if your legacy assets are the heartbeat of your organization, each day you put off modernization is costly. You allocate substantial time and money for manual hardware and software upgrades. Spend hours on support and maintenance. Adding new features and functions takes months to implement, test, and secure. Yet moving to the cloud raises valid questions: How much downtime and disruption will it cause? Can we modernize cost-effectively? Is the cloud secure?

Whether you ‘lift and shift’ your legacy assets or rebuild them for the cloud, with Unisys, you’ll have expert guidance and execution for the correct fit within your hybrid environment to keep your modernization efforts on budget, secure, and with a minimum of downtime or disruption.