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Las Vegas

Embrace experience-focused technology support and service delivery

Join Unisys’ Rocky McGuire, experience manager for Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS); Weston Morris, senior director of DWS global strategy; Davoud Pourhossein, director of DWS strategy and innovation; and Patrycja Sobera, global vice president of DWS delivery, at HDI SupportWorld Live as they share best practices for experience management in the digital workplace in two conference sessions.

HDI is the leading events and services organization empowering the technical support and service management industry and its people. Unisys’ Next-Generation Service Desk is certified through the HDI IT Support Center Certification Program, and Morris and Sobera were named to HDI’s list of Top 25 Thought Leaders of 2022.

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Session information

Session 105

Experience management: How to build an experience-level agreement (XLA)

  • Wednesday, May 3 @ 10:15 a.m. BST

Session 507

The heart in the art of leadership: How to help a surviving team thrive through servant leadership

  • Thursday, May 4 @ 11:30 a.m. BST

Experience management: How to build an experience-level agreement (XLA)

Join Sobera, Pourhossein, and Morris as they share best practices in experience management and what it takes to build an effective XLA. In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Holistically approach technology service delivery and experience management
  • Utilize experience data to impact business initiatives and drive value
  • Apply analytical reasoning to human interactions and emotional insights to extract actionable facts from feelings
  • Implement an experience management office (XMO) to develop and deploy XLAs and analyze end-to-end service, process and request lifecycles

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The heart in the art of leadership: How to help a surviving team thrive through servant leadership

In a modern workplace saturated with emerging technologies and evolving tools, leaders face increased pressure to resolve problems more quickly. Experience matters more than ever to employees and customers.

This session, hosted by Rocky McGuire, will discuss why embracing a servant-leader mindset is the key to creating an effective digital workplace. He will explore:

  • Best practices in servant leadership
  • Challenges and obstacles that impact team morale
  • The importance of people, purpose and persistence in helping teams thrive
  • How leaders can take their digital workplace dynamic from simply surviving to thriving
  • The critical role of supporting and empowering your workforce

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Providing a stellar employee experience is more important than ever. Harness the power of data to transform your digital workplace and engage your people. Learn how Unisys can help your enterprise deliver an exceptional employee experience.

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