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Unisys Client Contract Terms

This site provides some of Unisys standard terms and conditions and links to related documents for the sale of products and services.

For earlier versions of Unisys published terms, please:

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Products and Services Agreement(s)

Master Agreement (U.S. and Canada only)

Unisys standard contract for the purchase of hardware, software licenses, Product Support Services, and other services in the U.S. and Canada. 

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For other country versions of Unisys published terms, please:

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Software License Agreements

End User License Agreement
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Pre-Release License Agreement
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Evaluation Agreement
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Mobile App License Agreement
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Unisys Product Support Services Addendum

Unisys standard Support Services Addendum supplements Unisys Master Agreement for Products and Services, Unisys EULA or other Unisys agreement for the purchase of Unisys maintenance services for eligible hardware and software products.

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Solution Specific License Plans

Unisys Solution Specific License Plans supplement Unisys standard license terms in the Master Agreement for Products and Services, EULA or other license agreement for Unisys Software.

ClearPath Forward Solution License Plan(s)
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Unisys Stealth Solution Software License Plans
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Unisys Stealth(identity) Software Development Kit
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Third Party and Open Source Software License and Attribution

These License and Attribution Documents list open source and other third party software components included in Unisys Software.

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Cloud and As-a-Service Agreement(s)

Terms of Service (ToS) for Software as a Service (SaaS)

Unisys standard terms and conditions for SaaS offerings other than those Unisys offerings with offering-specific agreements.

Unisys SaaS Terms of Service