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ChromeOS Flex: The OS to re-use, manage and secure them all

February 24, 2023 / Unisys Corporation

Improving the ecological impact of our IT equipment is a pressing concern. One way to address this issue is by limiting electronic waste and increasing the lifespan of our devices.

When our computer park becomes outdated and is no longer eligible for security updates, it's important to consider alternative solutions. ChromeOS Flex offers an innovative approach to reusing your PCs and Macs by providing a cloud-first experience and granular management in a fluid and secure environment.

Switch in just a few minutes

ChromeOS Flex will replace the native OS on your machine and include all the benefits of ChromeOS.

Minimum device requirements:
Architecture: Intel or AMD x86-64-bit compatible device
Internal storage: 16 GB
Bootable from USB drive

To create a bootable USB/SSD drive, simply add the Chromebook Recovery Utility extension to your Chrome Browser. In cases where a network solution is available, this option is also provided.

How it works

Welcome to your new Chrome OS Flex device

Google created a list of certified machines, which continues to expand.

Manage and secure your ChromeOS Flex device

Enrolling ChromeOS Flex in your Google Admin Console is a seamless process and can become an essential part of your fleet. You’ll need either a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade or a Kiosks & Digital Signage license.

With ChromeOS Flex, you can enjoy the benefits of streamlined device management and enhanced security features. With access to over 500 management policies, you can easily manage and secure your entire fleet. Some examples of management policies include:

  • Forcing rewrite
  • Allowing or disallowing formatting (powerwash)
  • Enforcing a connection with a Pro address
  • Blocking external storage devices
  • Enabling or disabling guest mode
  • Pre-configuring WiFi networks
  • Managing or blocking the update schedule

Note: ChromeOS Flex does not include some features, including Play Store and Android apps. You can find more differences here.

Where ChromeOS Flex can be used

A machine on ChromeOS Flex can meet several use cases:

  • Kiosk mode (locked to an app/url/pwa)*
  • Digital Signage (url/pwa/cms)*
  • VDI access (Kiosk mode)*
  • Self-service devices (managed guest session)
  • Contact center

*Specific licenses are available for these modes.

ChromeOS Flex is an excellent opportunity for businesses and schools to recycle and modernize machines that have outlived their usefulness or are slow to operate. The solution improves machine fluidity and user experience around the cloud. Implementation is done in minutes with granular management capabilities via Google Console Admin.

This solution offers the benefits of a cloud-first solution in a secure environment while ensuring a positive environmental impact by extending the life of your machines and reducing operation and management costs for your fleet.

Our team offers boot camps to prepare for the Google ChromeOS Professional Administrator certification.

Learn more about how Unisys can help you manage and secure all enterprise devices with Modern Device Management.