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Hero Image Banking Digital Transformation

Our in-branch operations have had a wake-up call thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Banks of all sizes had to rapidly transition to more contactless and online services. Your productivity and profitability were severely impacted as a result. To remain compliant and competitive, your bank must anticipate shifting consumer behaviours and you must adapt your IT infrastructures to the new digital landscape. Falling behind the curve could leave you struggling to deliver the services and experiences your customers expect.

Five Ways the technologies are impacting the banking industry

AI and cloud solutions are helping improve risk management and personalize the customer experience. Here’s how

AI Cloud Solution

Secure and Efficient Digital Platform for banking in Central and Eastern Europe

When a regional bank in Central and Eastern Europe wanted to increase market share through organic growth and acquisitions within the region, Unisys stepped in to make sure it was prepared. Thanks to the partnership, OTP Bank was able to have a stable network and core banking application to support acquisition growth, deliver new digital services to meet customer requirements and maintain market leadership.

Secure Digital Transformation Solutions with Unisys

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, and your bank must evolve with it. With Secured Digital Transformation, you can meet the technological requirements for banking modernisation while protecting the continuity of your revenue-generating operations.

Unisys works alongside financial institutions to simplify your legacy environment for cloud transitions, provide a customer first digital experience, quantify and understand cyber risk to strengthen your cyber resilience. Working with Unisys digital transformation experts, you can adapt your digital workplace, secure cross-functional buy-in from key stakeholders and align your organisational goals with new AI and cloud technologies.

CloudForte®: Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Management Services