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Vital Resource Conservation

Reducing energy consumption

Energy Conservation​

Starting in 1981, Unisys began implementing an energy management program to reduce energy consumption throughout the company.

  • Unisys continues to evaluate methods that can be employed to reduce energy consumption through the use of more efficient lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • Unisys work within its data centers, especially the expansion of the one in Eagan, Minnesota has provided a "template" for many green initiatives including recycling of demolition waste, using recycled construction materials and incorporating energy efficiency into the design. The company has a continuous improvement program to leverage best practices for all the facilities globally and in North America - including Salt Lake City, Austin, Texas and around the globe. The Unisys Data Centers in the United Kingdom participate in the CRC Scheme and Data Center CCA. In addition, for operating facilities efficiently many clients opt to virtualize servers, providing the capability to drive more computing power with a smaller footprint.

Unisys has consolidated IT equipment by eliminating more than 200 servers and realized energy savings from this effort. In addition to strategies directly tied to business growth, Unisys has also reduced travel and consolidated facilities to reduce its real estate footprint and thus, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Green Lights Partner

Since 1988 Unisys has participated in the Environmental Protection Agencies Green Lights program. This program encourages the use of energy-saving lighting fixtures, light motion sensors as well as other sophisticated energy management systems.