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Consolidating and reducing waste

Unisys has continuously strived to reduce the amount of hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated from our various operations and over the past 20 years has reduced hazardous waste generation by over 99%. In 2019 and 2020, no hazardous waste was generated in all of its U.S. operations. Unisys sites in the U.S collect and recycle universal waste consisting of batteries, CRT's, CPU's, laptops, other electronic equipment, spent fluorescent lighting tubes and waste oils.

To ensure that vendors who process Unisys hazardous waste operate within defined regulatory guidelines and the operational history of Transfer, Storage and Disposal Facilities does not pose a liability risk to the corporation, Unisys conducts on-going audits of such vendors utilizing Unisys ESH professionals and third-party consultants.

Solid Waste Recycling

Unisys sites in the U. S. collect and recycle solid waste including printer paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, plastic and aluminum cans and bottles, scrap metal and pallets. Employees are provided with the option of bringing batteries from home use for consolidation with facility-generated battery waste streams.​