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Environmental Management

Taking action to adhere to environmental regulations

Unisys Environmental Management System (EMS) is a managerial commitment to environmental wellness and sustainability. It means conducting business in a responsible manner, with respect and concern for the environment. It's a matter of strictly adhering to local, national, and international laws governing environmental protection and offering environmentally-responsible products. The EMS program applies to those environmental matters that Unisys can control and over those that it can be expected to have influence.

Through on-going EMS implementation, the company continues to formulate and implement policy and objectives that take into account legislative requirements, environment-friendly technological approaches and information about significant environmental impacts.

Unisys has established and maintains an EMS that:

  • Establishes a corporate-wide environmental policy.
  • Identifies any environmental aspects arising from Unisys past, existing or planned activities, products or services to determine any environmental impacts of significance.
  • Identifies relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Identifies priorities and sets appropriate environmental objectives and targets.
  • Establishes administrative controls to implement the policy and achieve objectives and targets.
  • Facilitates planning, control, monitoring, corrective action, auditing and review activities to ensure compliance with policy, laws and regulations and maintain the relevancy of EMS.
  • Ensures system flexibility capable of adapting to changing circumstances.

On a regular basis, regulatory compliance validation reviews are performed at Unisys locations to evaluate conformity with country-specific environmental regulations and established Unisys best practices. Third party assessments are performed independent of internal reviews to add objectivity to the evaluation process. Unisys has not received a notice of violation or a fine for non-compliance of environmentally related matters in over ten years.

To foster this commitment, Unisys has assembled a staff of qualified professionals possessing extensive experience. These skilled professionals are responsible for identifying and resolving environmental, safety, and health issues in a timely, cost-effective and technically-sound manner.


The Unisys site in Madrid, Spain received ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) certification.

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