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Employee Health and Safety

Health and safety program management

At Unisys, the most important resource is our employees. Unisys is committed to offering a safe and healthy work environment.

Our safety programs include education, safe work practice guides, monitoring, and corrective actions to ensure a safe workplace. An assortment of computer-based and instructor-led safety training programs is provided to employees to introduce and refresh employee understanding of safe work practices.

Examples of training programs include:

  • Office Safety, Health and Security
  • Work Station Ergonomic Assessments
  • Emergency Response
  • Electrical Safety
  • Hazard Communication
  • Driver Safety
  • First Aid, AED and CPR

On a regular basis, regulatory compliance validation reviews are performed at Unisys locations to evaluate conformity with country-specific health and safety regulations and established Unisys best business practices. Third party assessments are performed independent of internal reviews to add objectivity to the evaluation process.

Unisys Colombia has both a National and International certification in Health and Safety.

Unisys has not received a citation for a violation of health and safety regulations in over ten years.

Management of Injuries and Illnesses

Two of the metrics used for work related illness and injuries are Total Recordable and Lost and Restricted case frequency rates. The total recordable injury rate is a measure of the total number of injuries per 100 employees that require medical attention as well as cases resulting in lost or restricted time while the lost workday rate is the measure of lost and restricted time cases per 100 employees. Because a common base and a specific period of time are involved, these rates are useful in determining both problem areas and progress in preventing work related injuries and illnesses.

The Unisys total recordable and lost and restricted workday rates have been on a downward trend over the past ten years. In 2022, the total recordable rate was 0.10 while the lost and restricted rate for all Unisys U.S. sites was 0.08 cases per 100 workers. Unisys Safety and Health professionals manage injury and illness data to ensure that work activities that may pose a potential to impact an employee's well-being present a minimal amount of risk.