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Impossible to keep up with an ever-changing business landscape? At Unisys, we’re pushing back on that.

We believe that agile technology can inspire breakthroughs that propel organizations into the future every day. No matter the industry, we work together with clients around the world to drive innovation through digital workplace, cloud, enterprise computing and business process solutions. We love rolling up our sleeves and collaborating to discover solutions that transform how people experience tech.

Barrier-breaking solutions


Employee Experience

Create frictionless, consumer-like employee experiences while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Cloud Applications and Infrastructure

Application Modernization

Elevate your business and engage customers with secure, scalable cloud-based applications.
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Discover how Unisys can help your organization unlock the limitless potential of AI.
Quantum IQ

Unisys Logistics Optimization

Optimize logistics management by blending AI, advanced analytics and quantum computing.
Client Outcomes

Collaborating to maximize results

We know that advancement like this doesn’t happen on its own—it happens by taking the time to understand our clients’ goals and pinpointing solutions that enable them to succeed. When we rally around a shared purpose to create something new together, that’s when things click.

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California State University Success Story

Driving change in real time

Read our latest news, blogs and points of view - and listen to experts to learn more about our barrier-breaking solutions.