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Choose wisely: How to make (or break) your application modernization initiative

Don’t let your legacy systems be the reason your competition beats you

Modernizing legacy applications is a proven way to deliver value to your business and can keep you on the cutting edge of innovation and efficiency.

Updating older software to a cloud-first model that accommodates newer languages, frameworks and infrastructure platforms can boost your company’s agility, flexibility and resiliency. Whether using a public, private or hybrid cloud, these solutions make it easier to address line-of-business requests and support desired outcomes. And most important, modernized applications can keep you from falling behind your competition.

But there’s a catch. Not every application modernization initiative benefits the business.

Some initiatives succeed in simplifying application maintenance and reducing cost. Yet far too many introduce new risks and increase IT complexity. Facing the choice to stay in your legacy-system comfort zone or tackle the inevitable can be daunting. But doing so is unavoidable.

How can you ensure your project doesn’t become a case study “fail”? Make informed choices.