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Unisys secure access solution

Zero Trust security for your hybrid workforce

The increasing need to work from anywhere - as well as the desire to implement a Zero Trust security strategy - requires government and businesses to rethink how they secure their users - where ever they are. Business continuity and contingency planning demands that you provide, anytime, anywhere secure access to vital resources, data, and applications. Providing remote access via traditional virtual private networks (VPNs), however, increases risk and expands the attack surface. And hackers are taking advantage of this weakness to infiltrate company networks and steal information.

Traditional VPNs have been part of many organization’s security strategy for years. Perimeter-based VPNs are deployed to provide remote access to corporate resources. The challenge is that once users are connected, they have access to the entire network, putting sensitive data at risk. VPNs fail to provide the connectivity and the security that companies need to ensure business continuity and to implement a Zero Trust security strategy. They are vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, lack the granular control that is crucial for securing access over untrusted networks, and allow hackers lateral movement once inside a private network. In short, VPN services are too lenient and fail to protect your business in a world where data and applications must be made available beyond your organization’s perimeters.