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How can you enhance data integration and governance? 

January 19, 2024

Automate insights and enhance the efficiency of data pipelines 

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises incredible value to organizations eager to innovate, especially when extracting insights from the immense volume of data modern technology generates. However, as data is often scattered across multiple systems and departments, many organizations struggle with data silos that limit access and visibility. A modern data warehousing approach can address these concerns. 

The Unisys Modern Data Engineering solution brings together data lakes and purpose-built data stores and services to support data management and governance. It breaks down silos across systems, data and people, so organizations can put data to work more effectively. 

The solution integrates and centralizes data into a unified data lake, implements robust data governance practices, and reduces or eliminates the need for traditional extract, transform and load processes. These capabilities will help you simplify data complexity, heighten scalability and improve your ability to deliver real-time insights.