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Are you maximizing the power of
generative AI?

Harvard Business Review report: Operationalizing generative AI for business outcomes

The race to operationalize generative AI is on, and businesses are leaving competitive advantage on the table by falling behind.

A new report from Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services, sponsored by Unisys, reveals the eye-opening state of gen AI adoption across 500 leading organizations. Titled "Operationalizing Generative AI for Better Business Outcomes," it exposes how business leaders are harnessing this pioneering technology to drive productivity, spark innovation, and maximize data insights on an unprecedented scale. You'll uncover the tangible impacts of realizing real ROI from gen AI investments.

But seizing this future isn't without hurdles. Discover the key challenges leaders face and the proven strategies for vaulting over them on your gen AI journey.

The time to embrace transformation is now - are you ready? Read the report for a deeper understanding of organizational AI usage and its potential to drive business transformation.