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Podcast – What Happens When Your CIO and CHRO Collaborate?

April 21, 2022
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37 – What happens when your CIO and CHRO collaborate?

The responsibility to understand and manage employee experience is no longer the sole purview of HR. With the rising use of XLAs, some IT organizations are now tracking how digital workplace technology is impacting employees’ work experience. In advanced cases, the CIO even is getting insights into how much work employees do after normal business hours, or how much interaction they have with colleagues and superiors. Historically, these types of employee well-being measurements would have only been considered by HR. But today, employee experience is increasingly becoming an important topic for the CIO as well.

In this episode, Matt Evans and Matt Burgon of Qualtrics share the science behind employee experience, how effectively some companies are using this experience data, some pitfalls to avoid when measuring experience, and some recommendations for how the CIO and the CHRO can more effectively work together in measuring and using employee experience data to improve engagement, productivity and worker happiness.

You can access the research that we discussed in this episode at these links:

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