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The Hidden Data That Will Improve - OG
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30 - The Hidden Data That Will Improve your Online Collaboration Experience

November 18, 2021
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Episode 30

We spend more time in Zoom and Teams than eating or sleeping. Does that mean we know what it takes for everyone to have a great experience in the hybrid workplace using these tools? The answer can be a resounding “yes” if we know how to tap into the vast amounts of data being collected on all of our UC&C interactions. In this episode, Alan Shen, CTO of Unify Square shares his experience in scouring UC&C data repositories for the key bits of data that can give us insights into a more secure and more enjoyable experience in communicating and collaborating online. For more information on techniques to utilize UC&C operational data to improve security and end user experience, please visit the Unify Square blog:

To see Alan Shen speak on the relationship between experience management and UC&C monitoring, please visit