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Transforming the test automation suite with agile development

Transforming the test automation suite with agile development and a robust quality assurance platform

About the company

A global leader in logistics.


The company is a leading global airline retail onboard, logistics and equipment solutions provider with a vast global network in the aviation industry. It deals with a high volume of daily orders across regions captured and managed across region-specific legacy systems.

It was implementing a system to efficiently integrate all units on a single platform to cater to aggressive business demands. The company sought a technology partner to help reduce Quality Assurance (QA) efforts, deploy testing automation, align testing to Agile development and manage the testing process.

What we did

  • Developed a testing strategy
  • Aligned testing with Agile development
  • Managed testing
  • Defined and implemented the QA Process
  • Set up test automation suite


Our Agile delivery and testing teams designed a testing strategy and QA framework to reduce efforts and help ensure the high stability and performance of the application.

QA strategy and process

  • Defined and implemented the QA process
  • Defined defect lifecycle and release criteria
  • Designed a standard framework for test planning, cases, issue tracker and defect logging
  • Documented business logic cases and scenarios
  • Implemented best practices and improved processes for QA in Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Adopted a Scrum model for testing aligned with Agile application development

Testing automation and services

  • Automated all regression test scripts and integration testing for each release
  • Deployed a dedicated global testing team for round-the-clock testing responsible for the creation of test cases/scenarios and execution
  • Managed testing for build verification, functional, database and regression processes
  • Provided testing support for hotfixes in production

Result and outcomes

Testing automation, along with the Agile testing process managed by the Unisys team, delivered the following outcomes and benefits:


reduction in maintenance efforts


product availability globally


combination scenarios tested


reduction in production issues impacting end users

Business benefits

  • Reduced QA efforts
  • Significant decrease in QA cost with rapid turnaround, global delivery and regression automation
  • Quicker release of features and updates
  • Higher functional stability