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Clients providing the finest paints and finishes

Providing the finest paints and finishes

The Business Challenge

Lead the paint industry by relentlessly focusing on customers’ needs, developing best-in-class products and services, and continuously enhancing world-leading brands of premium paints.

The Solution

Unisys Digital Workplace Services, including service desk and field engineering services for 5,400 retailers and 2,000 employees; implemented ServiceNow®, a scalable cloud-based service management portal for employees; CloudForte®, including data center support services for backup virtualization, voice support, network support and VPN support.​

Results and Benefits

  • Improved customer experience by enabling retailers to focus on customer service rather than technology
  • Enhanced employee productivity through self-service access to IT via a cloud-based portal
  • Maximized operations of retailers and distribution centers by minimizing downtime of label printing
  • Reduced operational and infrastructure costs ​
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