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Serving 13.1 million beneficiaries with reliable, efficient health care claims processing

The Business Challenge

Process 119 million Medicare part A\B and DME claims annually for the Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services, including 290,000 health care providers, with zero downtime.

The Solution

Unisys provides a co-located DR facility in Eagan, Minnesota: a floor-to-ceiling caged datacenter with proximity card readers, cameras, 24x7 security, and biometric locks on the cage and its 28 cabinets; office space for 350 persons in the event of a disaster including use of Unisys’ disaster command center; wireless network for hardware, VOIP and PC network; IaaS capacity for 300 VMs and virtual desktops (dedicated and private); access to facilities and Unisys staff for support and audits.

Results and Benefits

  • Performed the most successful DR test in the organization’s history, exceeding expected completion in 78% of the time planned (done in 3.5 days versus 4.5 anticipated)
  • Achieved having a single DR location for system and application recovery​
  • Developed a mature Business Contingency and Continuity Program that is ready for any future business expansion
  • Audited to FISMA high security standards