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​Unisys Supports Nationwide Innovation Lab initiative to explore ways to improve Mobile Banking Experience

​Collaboration with BehavioSec explores how customers’ unique behavioural traits can enhance the authentication process

​London, April 11, 2016 – Unisys Corporation today announced that its UK subsidiary is working with Nationwide Building Society, a leading UK financial institution, on a prototype at Nationwide’s Innovation Lab. The prototype has been developed to assess how behavioural biometric technology can be used to identify mobile banking customers more securely, help prevent fraud and improve the user experience in the future.

Unisys’ biometric data management solutions support multiple types of biometric data including behavioural, fingerprint, iris and vascular recognition. In support of this new initiative with Nationwide, Unisys has partnered with BehavioSec, whose behavioural biometrics solution analyses customers’ smartphone or tablet usage to form uniquely identifiable behavioural profiles. These profiles are based on traits including the force with which users hit a key, the angle they use to swipe a touchscreen, or their typing speed. 

When combined with other methods of authentication, such as passwords or PIN codes, the customers’ behavioural biometric profile provides an additional level of security based on the natural interaction with their smartphone or tablet. This offers financial institutions the potential to provide a frictionless customer experience and a more secure service without asking customers to remember or input any additional information.  

Chris Jones, Innovation Manager, Nationwide Building Society, said, “Our Innovation Lab brings new capabilities to life, helping the business identify opportunities to improve the experiences of our customers and colleagues; and it’s no different with this initiative. The solution from Unisys and BehavioSec has demonstrated how the behaviours and habits of our mobile banking customers could help us enhance the mobile banking experience and offer an improved level of security.”

Ben Horan, Nationwide Client Executive, Unisys, said, “Financial services providers are looking to differentiate their services through easier customer experience and improved security. Behavioural biometrics offer a huge opportunity to achieve both objectives. We’re very pleased to be working with BehavioSec and Nationwide in this area as behavioural biometrics represents the future of how banking customers will securely interact with their accounts.”

BehavioSec supports financial services providers and other enterprises by enabling authentication through user behaviour assessment. Its technology is currently being widely used Northern Europe and now protects approximately 15 million Internet banking users.

Gareth Leggett, Commercial Director, BehavioSec, said, “We are delighted that Unisys and Nationwide are looking at behavioural biometrics and the way it could provide customers with secure access to banking services without compromising the all-important user experience. Nationwide’s forward-thinking approach will help find the crucial equilibrium between efficient security and ease of use for the consumers, who expect seamless digital financial services.”

Unisys Library of Electronic Identity Artifacts (LEIDA™) framework integrates third-party technologies with Unisys intellectual property to provide highly scalable, interoperable and integrated enterprise solutions for the public and private sectors. Unisys has a wealth of expertise working with financial services organisations, counting more than half of world’s top 25 banks as clients. In addition, Unisys has worked with biometric technologies for more than 20 years and has enabled some of the world’s largest biometric deployments, such as the nationwide ID card program in Mexico. 

About BehavioSec

BehavioSec transforms behaviour into a transparent additional layer of security by monitoring in real time the way users interact with their devices. BehavioSec’s technology recognises if a conflicting user is operating a device by monitoring the environment, rhythms, and interaction patterns that are unique to each user. The solution is designed to enhance security without impacting the user experience. With office presence in six locations globally, including Stockholm, Germany, Benelux, London, Palo Alto, Boston and Hong Kong BehavioSec is currently protecting over 2billion transactions per year.

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