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​New Unisys Security Products and Solutions Provide Advanced Protection against Enterprise Threats

​A key aspect of the company’s growth strategy for services and solutions includes a new software-based release of Unisys Stealth that delivers micro-segmentation for more effective protection

London – September 15, 2015 – Unisys Corporation today announced a range of advanced security products and solutions, including a new software-based release of its award-winning Unisys Stealth™ solution, which helps organisations protect their digital and physical assets in cloud, mobile and enterprise environments.  

The new security products and solutions, a key part of the company’s growth strategy, were unveiled at its annual Americas Analyst and Advisor Summit in Dallas.

Designed to protect vital information and infrastructure in the face of evolving threats from hackers and malware, the new solutions include products based on the latest version of Unisys Stealth software. This delivers identity-based micro-segmentation to protect sensitive data by making communication endpoints undetectable to unauthorised parties.

The new Unisys Stealth products are completely software-based and can be immediately incorporated into an organisation’s existing eco-system including clients, servers, clouds, industrial control systems, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices, customers, and even supply chain partners.

New Stealth products are part of a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions for location, perimeter and surveillance security; identity management and biometrics; secure image processing and analytics; as well as efficient managed services and global consulting to address all aspects of its clients’ security requirements.

“With enterprises becoming increasingly interconnected environments and cyber threats becoming business threats, security professionals can no longer protect their enterprises with an outdated focus on building walls and counting events,” said Tom Patterson, vice president and general manager for global security solutions, Unisys. “Instead, enterprises need to accept that bad guys will get in somehow, and they must layer in advanced defenses that minimise harm with identity-based micro-segmentation.” 

Addressing the Convergence of IT and Physical Security 

The Unisys Stealth family of products uses an advanced approach that helps organisations mitigate attacks and hacker incidents by rendering devices, data and end users undetectable on networks. The solution establishes secure "segments" within an enterprise where only authorised users can access information. Unauthorised users cannot access the information -- or even see that it exists. Even if a bad actor gets in, Stealth sees to it that they are cryptographically contained to a single segment of the network, with no access to move laterally to other parts of the enterprise.

The new release of Unisys Stealth is based on a software design that eliminates operational costs associated with additional hardware and cuts deployment times by up to half. Leveraging global Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) standards, this latest version of Stealth code allows easier configuration and integration and provides a highly-enhanced interface for configuring, monitoring and managing the Stealth environment.

Key product updates and new releases include:

  • Stealth(Core): Secures data using micro-segmentation and  cryptography to limit a user’s – or potential attacker’s – view of data and services to only a tiny segment of the enterprise.
  • Stealth(Mobile): Enables authenticated and secure access to application processing environments in the data center from mobile applications by using application wrapping software to encrypt data-in-motion from the mobile app across the Internet.
  • Stealth(Cloud): Extends the same level of protection to enterprises that wish to leverage the cost-savings benefits of using the public cloud but have been reluctant to do so due to security concerns.

Unisys also offers related security solutions including:

  • Physical Security and Identity Management: Unisys Location, Perimeter, and Surveillance Security solutions deliver comprehensive, end-to-end protection and are custom-built to clients’ requirements - ranging from securing a room to securing a national border. Unisys’ biometrics-based, service-oriented identity management platform provides high levels of multi-factor user authentication, combining fingerprint, iris, voice, signature and face with non-biometric credentials.
  • Managed Security Services: Unisys manages a client’s security infrastructure, enabling the organisation to quickly achieve and maintain regulatory compliances while taking advantage of new technologies including cloud, virtualised environments and mobility.
  • Security Consulting Services: Unisys strategic and technical consultant’s help clients identify and manage risk, as well as pinpoint vulnerabilities in their digital and physical environments.

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