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​Latest Release Makes Unisys ClearPath OS 2200 Software More Secure, Open and Digital Business-Ready

​Release 17.0 of proven OS 2200 operating environment refines support for single sign-on, mobile app development and advanced data analytics

London, UK., October 5, 2016 – Unisys Corporation today announced a new release of its ClearPath OS 2200 operating-environment software for the company’s ClearPath Forward™ Dorado systems.

Available immediately, ClearPath OS 2200 Release 17.0 makes it easier and more cost-efficient for IT organisations to secure their critical computing infrastructure, modernise their application environments and transform their data centers into engines for digital business through support for data analytics and other enabling capabilities.

“In a marketplace where change is the only constant, our clients maintain a long-term commitment to OS 2200 as the foundation of the IT infrastructure that runs their business,” said Brian Herkalo, director, ClearPath Forward Solutions, Unisys. “OS 2200 Release 17.0 honors Unisys’ commitment to continue adding value by providing the greater security, openness, mobility, scalability and flexibility our clients need to remain successful as their business evolves.”

OS 2200 Release 17.0 is an integrated, fully tested stack of 107 software components, with many feature updates resulting from direct suggestions by the OS 2200 user community.

Enhancements Build on OS 2200‘s Unmatched Security

Building on the unsurpassed security of the OS 2200 environment, Unisys has added more than 30 security features. Release 17.0 replaces the prior single sign-on security scheme with one enabled through the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, facilitating access via smart card or workstation.

In addition, Release 17.0 refines the Web-based Apex solution for management of the operating environment with the capability to manage file security and quota sets and configure network authentication, as well as enhanced security auditing.

Integration of Widely Available Tools Simplifies Cross-System App Development

OS 2200 Release 17.0 incorporates a range of widely available tools that enable developers with skills in Microsoft .NET and other environments to create interoperable web-based applications. For example, CS2200, a new product, provides a simplified, socket-based program interface that makes it easier for .NET applications to access OS 2200 files and applications.

Similarly, the Open TI capability, which provides access to applications or transactions running on ClearPath Forward systems from a Microsoft Windows environment, now supports 32- and 64-bit Windows environments. The 64-bit capability includes support for .NET 4.6.1 and higher, enabling developers to take advantage of the latest Windows tool sets and technology.

In addition, the new release includes support for the widely used Apache Cordova 5.1.1 mobile application development environment in the ClearPath Forward ePortal for OS 2200 solution. That capability makes it easier to create contemporary user interfaces that enable Apple, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and other devices to access applications running on OS 2200.

Enhanced Data Analytics and Automation Help Accelerate Data Center Transformation
Release 17.0 includes enhancements to the analytics and automation capabilities that fortify OS 2200-based data centers for digital business. For example, improved query performance in the Relational Data Management System (RDMS) database leads to faster data access, enhancing support for business operations requiring data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP).

Significant performance and scaling improvements to the Message Control Bank (MCB) communications processing capability make it possible to increase OS 2200 application workloads without impacting performance or system limits. Those enhancements support the higher transaction rates, increased number of concurrently running transactions and potential for a greater number of messages in the system queue that can improve performance in advanced data analytics applications.

A new version of the Operations Sentinel data-center management solution increases capabilities for automated monitoring of an organisation’s IT infrastructure, including Windows 10 and Microsoft Windows Server 2016, ClearPath Forward ePortal for OS 2200 implementations, and backup/restore facilities.

Services Amplify Benefits of Enhanced Software

To amplify their return on IT investment, users of OS 2200 Release 17.0 can benefit from Unisys expansive, integrated suite of ClearPath Forward Services, including Application Enrichment, Product Implementation and Managed Services.

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