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Introduction to Enterprise Application Developer (CEL8008)

Length: 9 days

Objectives: Students who are new to Enterprise Application Developer (LINC) become familiar with the components of the development and testing environment. They use Developer to build an application such as the CHOCSYS model, including automatic and user-coded logic. They develop graphical user interfaces, as well as character-oriented screens. They test and debug their system. At the completion of the class, they should understand how to deploy systems to a number of different host platforms.

Audience: Enterprise Application Environment developers, analyst, and support personnel.

Prerequisites: Optionally, either Introduction to Enterprise Application Environment for Managers (CEL8001) or Introduction to Enterprise Application Environment (CEL8002).

Key Topics:

  • Building systems with workstation-based Enterprise Application Developer (LINC)
  • Options
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Developing user-written logic; integrating user logic with automatic logic
  • Creating graphical as well as character-based user interfaces
  • Testing and using the line-at-a-time Debugger
  • Deployment technologies
  • The deployment process

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Introduction to Enterprise Application Developer (CES8009)

Length: Self-paced; approximately 65 hours

Objectives: Enterprise Application Developer provides the technology to develop, deploy, and operate small to very high-volume user applications that are responsible to business change. This Getting Started course will introduce students to the:

  • Developer environment
  • Developer language
  • Runtime environment for deploying runtime systems

Audience: This course is intended for:

  • Technical personnel responsible for systems analysis, design, or development of solutions using Enterprise Application Developer
  • Managers who need more than cursory knowledge of the development toolset
  • Experienced LINC practitioners who must update their knowledge and learn to perform development on the workstation platform

Prerequisites: I t is assumed that students have some experience with a programming language such as C++, Java, or Perl.

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