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Lightning Does Strike Twice

In June 2013, I wrote a blog post entitled, In the Dark of the Night. It chronicled the migration of a long-term ClearPath Forward® client from a proprietary mainframe to a modern, Intel Xeon-based system over just one weekend. No one noticed the cutover. That was the significant event ‒ a seamless, quiet, matter-of-fact migration of a system responsible for clearing one-half of the financial transactions in the world’s largest economy happened without a whimper or a bang. It just worked. That is the ClearPath® story.

And, we just did it again. The fact is, we do it all the time. If you didn’t notice, that’s okay, you weren’t supposed to. On the evening of June 6 (ironically D-Day), the Libra 6290 systems installed in 2013 were replaced with the latest generation of ClearPath Forward® Libra 6590 servers. The following Monday, they “cleared” just shy of two trillion U.S. dollars, in much the same way the 6290s did the Friday before ‒ and had done on every banking day since the last migration in June 2013.

This is the life of a ClearPath® system. On the very rare occasions when they do get noticed, it’s because an event has occurred and, as a result, ATMs aren’t working, or planes aren’t flying, or cargo isn’t moving.

When we say we are “securing your tomorrow,” we mean that, routinely, the planes will fly, the cargo will arrive, your bills will be paid and your ATM will give you cash. Those are all things we often take for granted, but they are more important than ever these days. We need to ensure that our clients can serve their clients reliably, 24/7. Imagine if, on top of it all, there were a regional or global banking “event.” In the ClearPath Forward® world, “failure is not an option” isn’t a tagline ‒ it’s a lifestyle.

To make the weekend of June 6 this year even more significant, another financial client who services the majority of another “Top 5” economy migrated its system as well. In this case, it was to a Dorado 8590, one of the most powerful systems we produce. The next day was like any other, as that bank, too, went about doing its business – serving its customers without any fanfare. And we did it yet again on Father’s Day weekend Three major migrations in several weeks’ time.

The thing about this is it really isn’t all that extraordinary. Rather, it is what we at Unisys do, all of us – the Enterprise team, the Services team and the Products and Platforms engineering team – all moving together, as one, to ensure we get it right. You can feel secure in knowing that every day fundamental essential infrastructure ‒ be it financial, transportation or communications ‒ is running on Unisys ClearPath Forward® technologies quietly and reliably. And, sometimes that infrastructure is being replaced with our latest offerings without your even knowing it. You only know it because I’m telling you. It won’t be in the morning paper, or on the news, it will simply go unnoticed ‒ just as we hoped it would.