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Empowering Your ClearPath Forward

ClearPath® OS 2200 Release 19.0: Supports Workforce Renewal and Modern Languages, Enhances DevOps

Listening. It’s an underrated activity. I think of all the things I wouldn’t know if I hadn’t been listening when I was younger. “Look both ways before crossing” comes to mind as a lifesaver. “Eat your ice cream slowly” – still good advice.

At Unisys, listening is a lesson we’ve taken to heart: We listen and learn when clients give us feedback on our solution and when they tell us about challenges they are trying to solve. You will see evidence of that in our latest release of ClearPath Forward®.

We know our ClearPath Forward users have been looking forward to it and, as promised, there is lots to like here. We think you will agree because many of these enhancements are responses to user suggestions and requests:

  • To start with, this release supports the modern programming languages Python and Java, so you can achieve greater flexibility in how you build or augment applications.
  • Why do we think it’s a big deal? Because Java and Python are two of the more popular programming languages. So now your programmers can work in the languages they favor, and that in turn enables your workforce renewal efforts.

Besides providing access to new languages, this enhanced infrastructure enables two more features:

  • It permits the use of standard Linux tools like Bash, grep and Make within OS 2200 batch and demand runs.
  • It also provides processors that bring industry-standard source control and repository systems (e.g., Git, Subversion) to better enable you to augment workflow.

Modern software should be secure, of course – this is Unisys “securing your tomorrow” after all! I also firmly believe that any software should be simple and easy for the user to understand and operate from their first experience with it. This new release comes with all the security aspects you would expect from Unisys and all the ease of use as well.

This release provides more than 50 new features, 35 of which you, our clients, requested. It provides reduced catalogued file recovery time for added efficiency. It also gives you added flexibility by providing the capability to set and change the status of NIC interfaces. And much, much more:

  • Encrypted RSS file transfer;
  • Windows Server 2019 support;
  • Digital signing of code files;
  • SOLAR selection verification;
  • Basic ability to use DTPRA in a containerized environment;
  • EXPLAIN in stored procedures and triggers; and
  • CIFS SMBv2 support.

So, yes, we are proud of this release, but we are also cognizant that some of our best enhancements to ClearPath Forward come from you, our users. We love to hear from you!.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new features of this release, and we hope you give us plenty of feedback. Don’t hesitate to contact your Unisys representative. To submit a new feature request, email: