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4 Reasons Why Managed Security Services Is For You

November 24, 2020 / Unisys Corporation

With the ever-evolving and expanding business ecosystem taking shape in our world today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for Business Executives and CISOs to protect critical digital assets.

This expanding business ecosystem is creating additional threat vectors for cyber attackers to infiltrate your domain and wreak havoc. For example, organizations now utilize a vast array of partners or supply chain providers who have access to key applications. These partners create opportunities for indirect attacks, because the perimeter as we know it in the digital world, is fluid and ever-changing. Adding to this expansion is the “proliferation of Things” with the Internet of Things, and the always connected, “Pervasive Web,” and we quickly realize the traditional way of securing the enterprise, simply cannot scale.

Compounding the scalability issue is the lack of skilled Human Resources in the security space to meet workforce demand in part caused by a 4x increase in cyberattacks in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In order to address these challenges, prudent executives are turning to managed security services and Security-as-a-Service experts that act as a cyber-army, force multiplier. These “cyber squadrons” provide comprehensive security services that allow companies to capitalize on best-of-breed security technology, expansive cyber security human expertise, global threat identification, combined with advanced artificial intelligence and automation. The value that these managed security services bring to the enterprise is critical to endurance both technologically and financially.

Let’s explore the top four reasons why managed security services is for you.

  1. Vastly improve your security posture against the growing number of attacks

Increasing complexity and frequency of cyber-attacks is driving the need for companies to rethink their security strategy. By utilizing the latest security products such as Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), managed security services are able to bring customers better security outcomes, such as:

  • The ability to rapidly stop attacks from the onset – it is critical for companies to be able to identify patterns and behaviors of attack indicators to mitigate the attack before a breach takes place. Given that there has been a drastic uptick in cyberattacks, it is imperative for companies to be aware when they come under attack in the shortest amount of time possible. Having the managed security services monitor your environment 24x7x365 for such activity gives cybersecurity leaders peace of mind.
  • Rapid breach identification when initiated, breach containment and rapid remediation – leverage cloud security best practices such as micro-segmentation with Dynamic Isolation, allows virtually instantaneous breach containment, should an attacker penetrate your environment.
  1. Cost savings via reduced capital and operational expenditures

By leveraging the managed security services model, companies can benefit from cutting-edge security and AI technology, real-time cyber intelligence enrichment feeds, threat detection collaboration communities, with customer-facing dashboard portals without heavy upfront capital and operational investments. The managed security services model allows companies to have state-of-the-art cyber security at predicable monthly subscription fees.

  1. Security expertise hiring challenges, not enough skilled talent for the demand

Anyone who is in the market for skilled cybersecurity talent knows too well, that those resources are in scarce supply. The sad state of affairs often motivates businesses to attract talent by “poaching” resources from the competition, which often times ends up in legal battles. By utilizing the managed security services approach, companies mitigate the cyber talent battles, while experiencing all of the vast knowledge and insight of top-tier cyber security professionals. In addition, some smaller business with stagnate security resources, leverage the managed security services teams for knowledge transfer.

  1. Expanding regulatory compliance and data security laws

With an increased focus on regulatory compliance and expanding legal ramifications for non-compliance, business leaders are turning to managed security services to meet the stringent requirements associated with adhering to these compliance policies. In addition, managed security services provide the necessary data retention, encryption and reporting necessary to easily substantiate regulatory compliance.

Make no mistake, not all managed security services are created equal. The managed security service providers of years past, focused on the outsourcing of traditional, repetitive security tasks that was more cost effective to offload a trusted partner. Modern-day managed security services provide much greater value-add services through deep intelligence, automation and ML and will be a critical part of securing the ecosystem for years to come.