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ITA Airways Cargo simplifies freight bookings with Unisys Cargo Portal Services

May 22, 2024

ITA Airways Cargo is enhancing collaboration and efficiency by joining the Unisys Cargo Portal Services™ digital platform. The alliance supports the airline's goal of providing increasingly flexible, effective and user-friendly offerings while extending visibility to a broader user base.

Unisys Cargo Portal Services serves as a dynamic platform for freight forwarders to search, shop and manage shipments from booking to tracking and delivery at no cost. Freight forwarders can now use this platform to book and manage shipments with ITA Airways Cargo, facilitating better communication and collaboration. Airlines — like ITA Airways Cargo — can increase visibility and profitability by using the flexible selling platform.

As a testament to the portal’s effectiveness, global airlines and more than 30,000 freight forwarders rely on Unisys Cargo Portal Services, the trusted collaboration platform that seamlessly connects freight forwarders and airlines. This widespread adoption demonstrates the platform's reliability and usefulness in streamlining cargo operations.

Through the continuous development of innovative solutions, Cargo Solutions from Unisys have earned the trust and confidence of cargo companies, positioning Unisys as a preferred vendor for critical operations. With a comprehensive suite of products, including Cargo Core, Cargo Mobile, Cargo Portal, Cargo E-Commerce, Cargo Connect, and Cargo In-Transit, Unisys demonstrates its dedication to simplifying the entire shipment lifecycle and driving digital transformation in the air cargo industry.

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