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How to apply benchmarking best practices for service desk excellence

Research from Unisys and HFS revealed that nearly half of employees (49%) lose between one and five hours per week dealing with IT issues, and another 23% lose more than six hours each week. Optimized service desk performance is key to reducing downtime and increasing productivity, while delivering the employee experience your digital workforce wants. By measuring and benchmarking against industry standards, you can make changes to ensure your employees are receiving the highest level of IT support, making them feel valued and supported in their digital workplace.

In partnership with the Service Desk Institute, Unisys’ Patrycja Sobera, global vice president of delivery, Digital Workplace Solutions (DWS); Vera Faludi, EMEA service desk director, DWS; and Mariana De Leon, director of knowledge function services, DWS, explore how benchmarking can help service desk teams continually improve operations to deliver a better employee experience. Strategies include:
  • Ensuring adequate supporting technology
  • Using sentiment-based evaluations to gather feedback
  • Incorporating next-generation tools, such as XLA 3.0
The team also shares a real-world example of how one healthcare organization partnered with Unisys to employ service desk benchmarking best practices, saving practitioners nearly 600,000 hours and empowering them to deliver excellent patient experiences.

Discover how Unisys can help your service desk improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance performance to drive your bottom line.

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