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Cloud Data and Analytics
Gain a single dashboard view of company analytics
Create a self-service analytics model free of data silos
Comply with regulations, mitigate risk and maximize data integrity
Collect insights from all data, including historical data
Develop an analytics-driven culture and encourage data literacy

Accelerate business growth with data insights

Your data can lead to innovation, collaboration and growth across the enterprise and unlock new possibilities through the power of artificial intelligence. Modernize and migrate your data and efficiently manage, govern and analyze it with Data and Analytics solutions.

Data Analytics

Power innovation with data analytics

Apply insights to guide better business decisions.

Data analytics can guide your business strategy and inform your decision-making. However, deriving insights from data – including historical data that can illuminate trends – can be challenging without a single dashboard view.

Put your data to work. With data analytics tools and capabilities, you can consolidate and visualize data and deliver insights to power decisions for individual business units as well as your entire enterprise.

Potential use cases

  • Data that detects fraud or other cybersecurity threats
  • Predictive intelligence on future failures of mission-critical equipment
  • Insights that support actuarial modeling
  • Insights on customer demand to inform the manufacturing process
  • Predictive insights about customer behavior buried in marketing data and forecasts
  • Customer insights, production schedules and product roadmaps to help HR adapt hiring and training processes
  • Information to help personalize customer experiences

Benefits of data analytics

  • Detect trends and opportunities to streamline operations and grow the business with visualizations of data
  • Offer users a self-service model for easy and fast access to data analytics
  • Create an analytics culture within your organization that encourages employees to measure – and improve – performance
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Data Modernization

Modernize your data

Revitalize your data infrastructure for agility and scalability.

You may be ready to adopt advanced technologies, but your data may not be. Gain the advantages you’re after – including agility, flexibility and security – by seamlessly integrating data migration with comprehensive modernization efforts.

Organizations can ensure a future-ready foundation for advanced technologies through agile and scalable Unisys Data Modernization solutions. We’ll assess your environment, study your data, recommend the right data modernization strategy and then smoothly and securely move your structured, semi-structured and unstructured enterprise data from siloed legacy databases.

Benefits of data modernization

  • Increase agility and efficiency
  • Improve user experience
  • Manage data consumption
  • Make legacy data easier to manage
  • Address changing business needs
  • Gain insights to drive innovation
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Data Migration

Migrate data to new environments

Propel your business with data-driven momentum.

Data can be a powerful driver for digital transformation. But first, you must free it from the silos that are undermining its potential. It requires careful planning, mapping of data structures, and validation to ensure the data is accurately transferred and accessible in the new environment.

With Unisys Data Migration solutions, you can smoothly and securely migrate your structured, semi-structured and unstructured enterprise data. Our highly resilient frameworks and accelerators will streamline the move from siloed legacy databases, on-premises servers and third-party data repositories to an enterprise data lake or cloud database. We bring expertise from guiding thousands of data migrations in some of the most highly regulated industries.

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Benefits of data migration services

  • Proven expertise
  • Security-first approach
  • Customized accelerators to reduce deployment time

Data types you can migrate

  • Structured data: Sources include relational databases, ERP systems and Excel
  • Semi-structured data: Sources include data from documents, graphs, key values, web pages, zipped files, TCP/IP packets and email
  • Unstructured data: Sources include social, reports, surveys, videos and images

Data Governance and Management

Mitigate risk with data governance

Automate governance to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Your data deserves care throughout its lifecycle, from the moment you create it to the minute you dispose of it. Automating data governance makes it easier to satisfy regulatory requirements by helping you preserve data quality, integrity and security.

With Unisys Data Governance and Management solutions, we’ll assess your environment and share strategies for how to best capture, store and share data. Those strategies will be what works best for your organization and helps you comply with regulations. Moving data and automating data governance across all data assets can mitigate risk and boost data integrity.

Solution highlights

  • Data discovery, profiling and benchmarking
  • Data quality assessment and management
  • Data reviews and monitoring
  • Scalable data preparation for enterprise data lakes

Solution benefits

  • Savings - Preserve storage and increase performance by aging out log data and older transactional data
  • Elasticity - Gain elasticity and agility by storing data in data lakes at a fraction of the cost of siloed warehousing
  • Compliance - Increase privacy, data security and compliance with robust and effective data governance
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Unisys in action

Casestudy Testimonial

We rely on data to maintain our competitive advantage. Our partnership with Unisys and AWS enables us to build, configure and manage a large and complex data environment while positioning ourselves for future growth.

David Mirike
Divisional Vice President,
Enterprise Data & Integration Services, Globe Life
Casestudy Testimonial

The Unisys solution creates a secure, analytics-driven cloud environment to integrate our information resources. It has allowed us to develop and deliver more innovative educational administrative services across all 23 campuses quickly and cost-efficiently.

Steve Relyea
Executive vice chancellor & chief financial officer
California State University​
Casestudy Testimonial

Unisys has designed and built a robust, secure and user-friendly portal system. The greatest value of the Unisys platform is its ability to connect vastly different source systems on the backend and deliver a standardized and integrated user experience on the front end.

Robert Stuart
Director - Information Technology Division
Supreme Court of Ohio

AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) Services

Enjoy high performance, high availability, security and compatibility and gain from our implementation and migration expertise.

Unlocking Growth Opportunities with Cloud-Enabled Innovation

Aus Hindernissen werden bahnbrechende Erfolge: Wachstumschancen mit cloudgestützter Innovation erschließen

Die nächste Welle der digitalen Transformation hat sich als Schlüssel zur Förderung der Innovation erwiesen. Unsere neueste Studie hebt die Hindernisse für eine erfolgreiche Implementierung hervor und beschreibt die entscheidenden Maßnahmen, die Unternehmen ergreifen müssen, um das volle Potenzial ihrer Investitionen auszuschöpfen.

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