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About Unisys

Inspired by possibility. Driven by performance.

Unisys is a global technology solutions company dedicated to helping people and organizations reach the next breakthrough. And the one after that.

Every day, we push the boundaries of what’s possible. We go beyond better to unleash real change. We work with organizations around the world to encourage performance and enhance profitability.

Across regions, industries and contexts, we apply specialized expertise and advanced technologies to strengthen and transform teams and processes. We change how people experience technology and help organizations act upon new opportunities through digital workplace, cloud, applications, enterprise computing and business process solutions.

Because progress is never finished.

Our history of innovation


Celebrated 150 years of breaking barriers with innovative technology that transforms organizations.


Proved instrumental to the Apollo space missions by supplying the UNIVAC – co-created by computer scientist and mathematician Grace Hopper – which accepted a continuous 48kbps data stream from the Apollo spacecraft.
Grace Hooper


Developed the world’s first large-scale general purpose digital computer, ENIAC, which was 100 times faster than any previous computer and the single largest electronic apparatus in the world.
Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator (ENIAC)


Introduced the first commercial typewriter with the QWERTY keyboard layout.
Remington Standard Typewriter
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At Unisys, we don’t just keep up with technology – we pioneer it. We’re dedicated to helping our clients navigate the ever-changing digital landscape with creativity, curiosity and a relentless drive to innovate.

Peter Altabef

Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Peter Altabef

Our technology solutions. Your business outcomes.

digital workplace

Digital Workplace Solutions

Give your workforce the digital tools, solutions and services necessary to work effectively and securely from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Enhance employee experiences, boost collaboration and offer proactive technology support to keep workers productive and happy.
Cloud Applications and Infrastructure

Cloud Applications & Infrastructure

Modernize legacy applications and infrastructure and migrate workloads to the cloud guided by our design, deployment and management expertise. Stay secure and compliant and gain business insights from your small data to drive digital transformation.
enterprise computing

Enterprise Computing Solutions

Power high-volume transaction processing and satisfy regulatory requirements for your system of record mainframe. Agilely adapt to emerging digital and cloud-native capabilities and meet the business and technology demands of your specific industry.
Business Processes

Business Process Solutions

Automate repetitive business and IT processes – or even opt for hyperautomation – to fuel business productivity, improve operational efficiency, spark innovation and gain insights from your big data. Rethink how work gets done with Unisys.

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