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Modern Device Management

In today's "office-less office," workers' productivity is closely tied to their devices. With modern device management, you can remotely provision, track, manage and protect your evolving enterprise device while improving the end-user experience.

Streamline UEM Migration with Unisys Exodus

Migrating your device management system to a new unified endpoint management (UEM) provider or tenant is no small feat. Simplify the process with Unisys Exodus for a secure, cost-effective and user-friendly migration experience. Exodus provides:

  • A cloud-based management tool for real-time migration tracking
  • A cloud-based infrastructure that supports flexible device migrations
  • Support for a wide range of leading UEM solutions and operating systems
  • The Exodus companion app, which supplies your employees with an intuitive migration experience they can complete on their own time without hindering productivity

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Modern device management for complex environments

The number of devices people use to complete their work keeps growing in number, variety and complexity. Each device needs a secure and reliable connection to your network. Unisys Modern Device Management solutions make this possible, whether your workforce is on-site, remote or hybrid.
Unified Endpoint Management

Manage and secure endpoints remotely with a single, unified solution

Deliver a streamlined end-user experience across all devices.

A unified endpoint management (UEM) solution such as Microsoft Intune or Workspace ONE enables you to centrally manage the entire lifecycle of all endpoints – from smartphones, tablets and laptops to IoT and rugged devices, wearables and peripherals – using a single cloud-native platform.

Unisys can help you optimize your UEM solution to deliver a seamless and consistent end-user experience across all devices and hybrid work environments, streamline costs and admin hours and safeguard your enterprise data. For organizations still running legacy device management systems, Unisys can help you plan and execute a stress-free migration of your devices to a modern, cloud-based UEM solution. Here’s what you gain:

  • Instant onboarding for new employees on shipped laptops and devices leveraging cloud-based deployment services.
  • Secure connection for hybrid workers so they can easily access enterprise resources from anywhere.
  • Worker device setup, provisioning, updates, patches, resets, repurposing and recovery from anywhere for convenient, cost-effective support.
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Hardware and Software Asset Management

Modernize your hardware and software asset management systems

Manage assets across the entire lifecycle from procurement through disposal.

Being efficient is a priority in today’s workplace. Problematic hardware and software management systems are the direct opposite of that. Plagued by service outages, manual documentation processes, disparate monitoring tools, and limited asset lifecycle visibility, they drive costs, decrease productivity and disappoint end users.

With Unisys, you can transform and modernize your approach to hardware and software asset management. Our comprehensive suite of ITIL-based tools and processes supports benchmarking, implementation, optimization and transformation of your technology operations—as part of a subscription-based, tool-agnostic service offering.

Apply an end-to-end methodology that manages assets across the entire lifecycle from hardware procurement through disposal and software licensing to harvesting, with roles and responsibilities defined and agreed upon for every touchpoint to achieve:

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  • Digital transformation and modernization: Modernize your ecosystem with descriptions, maps, dependencies and workflows to implement, manage and maintain your entire infrastructure.
  • A single source of truth: Aggregate data in an established configuration management database bolstered by auto-discovery tools and integrations with the other key ITIL processes and ITSM modules.
  • Orchestration and automation: Collaborate with the Unisys technical automation and architect teams to leverage ML- and AI-driven automations and eliminate manual tasks.
  • Governance: Standardize service delivery and management of integrated applications and workflows across all environments.
  • Integration: Integrate business-critical toolsets with external business processes and applications on an ITSM platform using a standardized and unified data model.
  • Insights and optimization: Leverage metrics, data analytics and reports with real-time dashboards to flag defects impacting service performance and security compliance.
  • Agility and flexibility: Develop and implement tool-agnostic, agile asset management applications and workflows that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Gain better control of your devices. Give a better experience to your workers.

With Unisys Modern Device Management solutions, you can centrally and remotely manage entire fleets of devices connecting to your corporate network–including laptops, smartwatches, tablets, mobile and IoT devices, and more–while providing a seamless end-user experience.

  • Gain advanced business intelligence, data management and reporting capabilities to efficiently provision, track, image, secure, deploy and manage all devices and the applications that run on them.
  • Maximize security by ensuring every access request is authenticated and authorized as if it originates from an open network.

Multisourcing Service Integration 2021-2022 RadarView

This RadarView is designed to help enterprises define their approach toward adopting MSI and identifying the right service provider to support them in this journey. It also assesses service providers based on their ability to offer MSI services with minimal disruption.

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