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Embrace the changing nature of work and capitalize on the opportunities that go with it. Transform your organization into a digital-first entity with Consulting Services from Unisys.

Devise a technology strategy that drives success

Organizations need a collective understanding of the technology ecosystem to boost future business and enable technology change initiatives to be implemented faster with reduced operational disruption. Consulting Services from Unisys help you identify critical operational objectives and align strategic imperatives to improve the business value and impact of technology. We apply extensive experience and expertise to help organizations become digital-first enterprises.


Transform into a digital-first entity

Forward momentum requires a holistic strategy that sets your organization up for success now and for years to come. With Consulting Services from Unisys, you can reimagine processes and technology and enhance support for your employees and clients through the following offerings:
Digital Workplace Consulting

Envision and create your ideal digital workplace

Analyze your current state and gain a tailored roadmap of requirements and capabilities to achieve those goals.

As companies permanently shift to hybrid workplaces or explore other workplace transformation methods, leaders must make strategic decisions to enable their organization’s digital workplace. These decisions often focus on creating a digital workplace that delivers experience parity and fosters employee well-being and productivity.

Digital Workplace Consulting services deliver the expertise to define your organization’s digital workplace goals and strategies. An outcome-driven, comprehensive approach helps companies analyze their current and future states and provides a tailored roadmap of requirements and capabilities that can be built, adjusted, or transformed to achieve those goals. Areas of specialization and focus include:

Realize the full potential of your Microsoft 365 platform and Office 365 instance to maximize your return on investment. Monitor, tune and enhance Office 365 and optimize the broad and complex surface area of the Microsoft 365 platform and apps with operations support and fully managed services. Our certified operations engineers provide tailored consulting services to help organizations deliver outstanding end-user experiences across the entire Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platforms deliver a full suite of capabilities that enable streamlined workplace communication and collaboration. If done correctly, selecting, implementing and deploying a UCaaS platform is a significant endeavor that can tremendously impact workplace efficiency and end-user satisfaction. Unisys offers the resources, professional implementation and technical support you need to evaluate, select, deploy and secure a unified communications system that works seamlessly for everyone.

Across every industry, individual employee personas encompass a specific set of characteristics representing the preferences and requirements of different user groups. Enterprises that differentiate their employees’ digital workplace and support requirements by persona are far more successful in recruiting and retaining top talent. Consulting Services from Unisys help your organization identify personas based on the types of devices, work locations and support modalities required for success in their individual roles, empowering you to tailor each persona’s digital workplace and support services to foster productivity and end-user satisfaction.

Cloud Consulting

Connect strategy to impact with cloud consulting

Tap into a full range of cloud solutions, an expansive portfolio of offerings and expertise and a broad ecosystem of industry partners.

Every day, new cloud products, tools and purchase options become available. What’s right for you and your organization? With Cloud Consulting services, you can tap into a full range of cloud solutions, an expansive portfolio of offerings and expertise and a broad ecosystem of industry partners to ensure your cloud strategy aligns with your organization’s needs and expectations. Pairing Cloud, Application & Infrastructure Solutions with our powerful consulting tools and platforms can help you feel confident in your cloud journey. Areas of specialization and focus include:

  • Cloud Assessment and Strategy engagements start and end with ensuring you have the most secure systems possible.
  • Modern Application Assessment engagements assess your application environment and goals and recommend cost-effective technology transformation.

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Cybersecurity Consulting

Protect your digital world with cybersecurity consulting

Deploy a world-class team of security consultants and specialists to stay ahead of the latest threats.

Organizations are increasingly reliant on digital technologies, data and networks. That’s a good thing for many reasons —but they are also highly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Protect your digital assets from cyberattacks with Cybersecurity Consulting services and solutions from Unisys. Unisys has a rich history of delivering secure solutions for the most digitally demanding environments in the world — from government and military agencies to multinational financial institutions.

With Cybersecurity Consulting services, you can prepare for increased threats and develop a robust security strategy to keep risks at an acceptable level. Our world-class team of security consultants and specialists continuously innovates to help you stay ahead of the latest threats. You’ll gain a clear picture of your organization’s current cyber risk posture — paired with the capabilities to understand how, where and why to invest in managing cyber risks.

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Solution highlights

  • Consulting: Join our experts for an on-site consultation to assess your cybersecurity maturity.
  • Discovery: Allow us to scan your network and generate an inventory of your hardware and software assets to accurately quantify your attack surface.
  • Assessment: Work with us to assess all network controls, policies, procedures, configuration settings, and vulnerabilities.
  • Reporting: Receive a comprehensive report on your cybersecurity maturity with a detailed roadmap for moving toward world-class cybersecurity.

Solution benefits

  • Improved cybersecurity insight: Gain a better understanding of where you stand and where you can go.
  • Confidence to move forward: Take the initiative to transform cybersecurity based on a comprehensive assessment and a roadmap to lead the way.
  • Peace of mind: Rest assured that world-class cybersecurity is within reach.

Choose a partner with proven expertise

Unisys is built on a strong legacy of applying game-changing innovation to solve complex business problems. Over time, we’ve evolved and adapted, but our passion for innovation, building secure solutions, and delivering significant, measurable results for our clients has remained the same.

You can tap into the expansive Unisys portfolio and a broad ecosystem of industry partners with consulting services from Unisys. Together we will define your business challenges, formulate recommendations, and implement proven and effective solutions to achieve your desired business outcomes. 

Unisys in action

Our collaboration with Unisys gives us access to expert IT consultants, advice on cybersecurity and constant support. Undoubtedly, they have strengthened our capacity to secure applications and create seamless environments to help protect Intellectual Property across the European Union.

Emilio Torres
Regional Manager, Securitas

Unisys brings innovation that enables our digital evolution and supports our client loyalty strategy based on excellent customer experience. We rely on Unisys to continuously improve the experience for our clients and allow us to expand our business in a sustainable way.​

Natalia López​
IT Manager
MetLife Colombia

Push what's possible

Want to take your organization’s technologies, teams and operations to the next level? We’re ready when you are. Let’s start the process of making progress.

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