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IT Enterprise Solutions Company
Modern Applications

Prioritize user experience and deliver business value with modern application solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Unlock limitless possibilities with the transformative power of AI.

Business Processes

Improve operational efficiency through customizable solutions to help revolutionize your business.

Change Management

Streamline the change journey and achieve greater returns on technology investments.

Cloud Management

Realize the tremendous agility and cost savings of moving workloads to the cloud.

Communication and Collaboration

Empower your teams to connect, team up, and work productively from anywhere.


Transform your organization into a digital-first entity.


Secure your digital assets and keep your clients trust while complying with regulatory requirements.

Data and Analytics

Manage, govern and analyze your data and gain business insights.

Digital Workplace

Empower your workforce with the tools, solutions and services they need.

Employee Experience

Create the frictionless experiences employees expect - while reducing IT costs and increasing efficiencies.

Enterprise Computing

Next-generation computing and high-volume transaction processing to meet your most demanding business needs.

Hybrid Infrastructure

Optimize your cloud investment with public and private cloud and data center-managed service offerings.


Recognize the value of a technology partner like Unisys that shares your vision for what’s possible.

Logistics Optimization

Drive near-real-time decision-making with quantum computing-powered advanced analytics and AI.

Modern Device Management

Remotely provision, track, manage and protect your evolving enterprise devices.