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WKRN Nashville: How Working From Home Has Changed Cybersecurity

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The pandemic spurred a push for many to enable work from home, but a new study highlights the security risks that emerged

The ABC affiliate in Nashville featured a new interview with Unisys’ Weston Morris on the security risks facing businesses as more people work from home since the start of the pandemic. In the interview, Morris highlights the findings from the Unisys Security Index™, noting that there is a lack of awareness among many employees and that could lead to putting your company at risk. Morris further notes what people can do to avoid being victimized, and what they can do if they fall victim to cyber fraud.

Weston Morris

Weston Morris

Weston Morris leitet die globale Strategie für aufstrebende Technologien, die sich auf die Produktivität von Mitarbeitern im digitalen Bereich auswirken – einschließlich natürlicher Sprachverarbeitung, künstlicher Intelligenz, Automatisierung, Merged Reality, Virtualisierung und IoT.